As the first step in rolling out measures adopted as a part of its Human Rights Policy, this month Solway launched a series of corporate trainings with the aim of raising awareness and creating a business culture in which everyone understands and respects the human rights of Solway’s stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, people in local communities and co-workers.

The launched series consists of three sessions targeting different recipients from Solway line managers to the high-level executives, including the CEO, as well as external parties such as Solway’s critical buyers. The training modules are developed around a basic understanding of human rights and their relevance to business and our Group’s business specifically, as well as related challenges across the value chain, and finding and applying practical solutions.

The next steps will be the introduction and establishment of grievance mechanisms and the presentation of the results of the Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA), as well as the implementation of a process to prevent, mitigate and remediate potential and actual human rights impacts identified on the basis of the HRIA.

 Please click on the link to view video highlights of the training sessions.