Not only pursuing profits in the Mandiodo block, PT. Bumi Konawe Minerina, a company that engaged in nickel ore mining, through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) used the funds to help develop villages around the mine, this is the main target of management in developing village areas to get ahead.

Entering the middle of 2023, PT. Bumi Konawe Minerina donated 1 unit Dozer type D85Ess, which was used to level the mound in Tapuemea Village, Molawe District, North Konawe Regency (Konut) for 2 days starting May 15 2023 to May 16 2023, and all responsibility operational needs.

“It is true that PT. BKM allocated a Dozer unit for 2 days, specifically for levelling the new housing area of Tapuemea Village, this is a form of PT. BKM to participate in supporting regional development, especially the development of Tapuemea Village” Syamsudin Alfatah (CDE Manager PT. BKM).

The implementation of land levelling activities will be used as a housing location of Tapuemea Village which is intended for residents who do not yet have a land location for building a house, especially for new households and households that are still renting a house.

“The location of this land has been distributed by the previous Village government because it has not been stockpiled, the Village government is working with the company to stockpile and level the land to build proper house,” said Gusri S.pd the Head of Tapuemea Village.