PT. Bumi Konawe Minerina (BKM) received a visit from the Chief of North Konawe Police Resort (Kapolres) AKBP Priyo Utomo and his staff at the Mandiodo Village office in the Molawe District, North Konawe Regency, on Monday, December 4, 2023.

The North Konawe Police team visited the PT. BKM office to conduct monitoring and implementation of security in the nickel mining area.

The visit of the North Konawe Police Chief and his team was warmly welcomed by PT BKM management through the External Dept of PT BKM, Kahar, and Chief Security, Oktavianus.

“We express our gratitude to the Police Chief and his staff for taking the time to visit the PT BKM mining area,” Kahar said in his welcome address.

In front of the North Konawe Police Chief, Kahar briefly conveyed the history of PT BKM and the mining governance. “The management system of PT BKM, the implementation of good governance, and the current positive social impact, we take social responsibility through CSR philanthropy activities for the 4 surrounding villages, namely (Tapunggaya, Tapuemea, Mandiodo, and Mowundo villages), providing scholarships, and also employing local labor in the mining area,” he continued.

The North Konawe Police discussed with the PT. BKM management regarding security activities in the Mining Business License (WIUP) area conducted by the company, and after the visit, the Lasolo Police monitored the security in its jurisdiction.

“The North Konawe Police appreciate PT BKM for the implementation of Good Mining Practice and the absence of legal violations in mining governance in the North Konawe region,” said AKBP Priyo Utomo, the Chief of North Konawe Police.

The PT. BKM management expressed appreciation to the North Konawe Police Chief and his team. “Security support in the Nickel Mining Business License area is one of the priorities of PT. BKM. It is hoped that this visit can provide reference for formulating more effective security strategies in maintaining and protecting all mining locations.”

PT. BKM continues to collaborate with all stakeholders, local governments, police, and the community in accordance with the Collaborative MORAL values ​​to maintain the safety and security of the company’s operational areas.

PT. BKM is a company that has been working in nickel mining for a long time with ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles in its Working Area. PT. BKM is a compliant company that serves as an example in natural resource management, continuously implementing various innovations and technological applications to produce safe, efficient, reliable, compliant, and environmentally friendly energy.


Source:, Dec 5th, 2023

*This article is translated from Bahasa