Residents of Tapunggaya Village, Molawe Subdistrict, North Konawe Regency (Konut) are delighted with the repair of the main road, which is being improved to prevent accidents and ensure it is passable by both four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles during rainy conditions when it becomes slippery and muddy.

“Thank you… The condition of the connecting road or Trans Sulawesi Main Road, which passes through Tapunggaya Village, Molawe Subdistrict, Konut Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, has been improved by leveling the road with stones and other materials,” said Usman, a resident of Tapunggaya Village, Konut, Southeast Sulawesi (Sulteng), on Friday (24/5).

The road repair, which involved widening and leveling the road using heavy equipment from PT. Bumi Konawe Minerina (BKM), a nickel mining company in the Mandiodo Block, was eagerly awaited by the local community. Previously, the road was narrow, muddy, and slippery during rain.

It is reasonable for the nickel mining company PT BKM to repair the road, as the residents use it daily, and the company’s heavy trucks frequently pass through the Trans Sulawesi village road. “We hope that the road will not only be widened and covered with red soil but also supplemented with stones, and if possible, asphalted,” he added.

The head of Tapuemea Village, Gusri, D.PD, echoed this sentiment, stating that the repair of the main village road or Trans Sulawesi road that passes through his area is crucial for the local community. Previously, transporting crops or harvests was challenging due to the muddy and slippery conditions after rain. “Alhamdulillah… The community’s requests and proposals have been accepted by PT BKM,” he said.

Meanwhile, Syamsudin Al Fatah, the CDE Manager of PT BKM, acknowledged that the company took responsibility for repairing the village’s main road infrastructure as a result of discussions and meetings with the community and village government.

“Insya Allah… The repair will not only involve widening the road and removing the mud but also adding stones,” he said. He mentioned that several heavy equipment units had been deployed to the field over the past few days.


Source:, May 24th, 2024

*This article is translated from Bahasa